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Accenture myWizard® helps humans and machines reach their exponential potential in application services. It currently includes a number of intelligent virtual agents that use machine learning to collaborate with their human co-workers. Together, we manage projects, apply analytics to deliver on business goals, make judgement-based decisions, and monitor all aspects of application development and management. Meet a few of our virtual co-workers:

Architect: This agent assistant recommends the right architecture for specific technology landscapes.
Scrum master: This agent monitors numerous aspects of Agile development projects—consisting of requirements, releases, metrics and resources—alerting the project manager of any potential issues and providing possible solutions.
Testing advisor:  This agent provides advice to human testers on a wide-range of judgement-based tasks, such as test planning, test coverage, prioritization, and even staffing. It provides test artefacts and solutions based on past fixes, helping testers spend less time preparing and fixing and more time fine-tuning applications to improve business performance.
Data scientist:  This scientist helps identify data patterns and mines program information to provide IT and business users with the ability to make more insight-based decisions. 
Project Manager: The virtual program manager helps the human delivery manager assess any risks or issues and recommends suitable solutions to ensure seamless delivery.
Modernization analyst: This agent specializes in helping companies make their applications ready for the digital future with the most appropriate modernization strategy, whether it’s through rehosting, renewal, digital interfacing or cloud migration.


Making IT future-ready

Designed with artificial intelligence to deliver better, faster, more efficient applications for improved business outcomes. Making IT future-ready and helping human workers work humanly better.


Accenture myWizard® mines our vast, cumulative knowledge base spanning 40 industries, including logical operating models, process flows and key performance indicators, giving myWizard a unique set of business domain expertise to be able to reason and deliver tangible business results.


"A legacy of technology and a cadre of tech-savvy professionals allow Accenture to incorporate automation through myWizard into every new engagement, making it the de facto standard for delivery."

PATRICK M. HEFFERNAN , Practice Manager and Principal Analyst, Technology Business Research


Speed, productivity and quality: myWizard reshapes application services by delivering game-changing improvements in application quality, productivity, speed to market and cost optimization. Organizations can use the intelligent automation platform to eliminate repetitive application development and management tasks, helping software developers become up to 60 percent more productive on task-related work and enabling them to focus on higher-value work.

Best of the ecosystem: The platform brings together thousands of proprietary Accenture industry assets, intelligent tools and methods, as well as those from across our partner ecosystem.

Tomorrow-proof: The platform’s liquid, plug-and-play architecture makes myWizard tomorrow-proof, with the ability to add in new capabilities as artificial intelligence matures.



Bhaskar Ghosh

Bhaskar Ghosh

Group Chief Executive—Accenture Technology Services

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"Fueled by industry knowledge and intelligent automation, myWizard includes the latest in artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities."

BHASKAR GHOSH , Group Chief Executive – Accenture Technology Services


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