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This multi-cloud management platform helps you manage your enterprise cloud resources—public and private—securely and effectively.

It’s an open, scalable technical cloud platform delivered "as-a-Service" that provides the flexibility, agility and ability to manage business services at speed, from a single point.

The platform integrates with technology from leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google, Microsoft and NTT Communications, among others.


With the Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP), the flexibility available in defining and managing enterprise operations translates to "your cloud, your way." ACP helps companies improve the:

  • Speed of implementing new cloud solutions. Accelerate speed to value and increase agility by reducing the time needed to develop and deploy new business solutions.

  • Cost efficiency and optimization of IT. Optimize resource usage to help reduce operational costs and improve ROI. Provide better consumption and cost-management with improved analytics, forecasting and reporting capabilities.

  • Governance and cloud management controls. Simplify oversight with centralized cloud governance using analytics, cost controls and policy management. Provide enhanced visibility, accountability and compliance without additional overhead costs.


ACP is helping hundreds of clients in numerous industries integrate and manage their cloud environments. Our robust cloud management capabilities set us apart from the competition. A centralized, business-friendly dashboard optimizes choices and management capabilities. Users can source, procure, integrate and manage public and private cloud services when and where needed, from one location.

  • Delivery-as-a-service can be dialed up or down as needed to align with resource usage, helping reduce operational expense through better consumption and cost management.

  • Support for industry-leading DevOps tools and platforms helps accelerate application development. Users can select and deploy assets and tools as needed.

  • Choose infrastructure, platform and software resources from an ever-increasing pool of top technology and cloud providers. Co-existence and discovery enable use of native cloud consoles, coupled with Accenture IP and services.

  • Consumption and resource management analytics, visible from a single management console, lets users track and forecast spend across clouds for better ROI.

  • Cloud-managed services on-demand help secure, monitor and manage resources. An extensible service catalog provides fast access to pre-approved virtual machines (VMs), workloads, enterprise-grade applications or services.

  • Establish better governance and leverage a growing number of hosted Cloud Management Services with cross-cloud policy-based management and control.

  • Cross-cloud transparency with resource tagging enables increased visibility and control, provides better resource management tools for spend optimization.