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Leading In The New

New is not waiting for the world to change. It is happening now. It is our evolving technology and our digital world. It is a catalyst for equality, inclusion and diversity. As part of our International Women’s Day celebration, we explore this topic through a series of events, speakers and research.

Meet Accenture Security women from around the world and hear what Leading in The New means to them.

Accenture Amor Thumbnail
"Embracing the NEW means embracing disruption."
Security Consulting Manager, Strategy & Risk
+ Meet Amor
What Leading in The New Means to Me
The NEW represents the opportunity to make fantastic things through a connected world—where every day we see NEW challenges and opportunities.
Embracing the NEW means embracing disruption. In an increasinglyinsecure world, you have to dispense with old ideas and adopt new solutions every week. This is what we tell our clients: See change as an opportunity, not as a problem. It is necessary to be adaptable to changing conditions and innovative solutions.
As an avid flamenco dancer, I see the need to stay in perfect step with my partner, adjusting to the driving and fluctuating rhythms. Likewise, in security—flexibility and versatility play such an important role in a continually evolving environment.
As a dancer—and a security professional—I need to have very adaptive behavior, seeking positive aspects in every change that happens. This attitude makes it possible to better understand clients and their needs.
Doing this work also requires a measure of calm and a willingness to seek and embrace ingenuity.
- Close
Accenture Gisele Thumbnail
"Taking the lead as a woman to grow our business in security."
Senior Manager, Industrial Control System Security
+ Meet Gisele
What Leading in The New Means to Me
NEW means innovation, disruptive changes and alignment with customer business needs. It means taking the lead as a woman to grow our business in security, the Internet of Things and across Industrial Control Systems.
As a perpetual student, I strive to live creatively each day. I constantly ask, what difference can I make? I am on a journey to broaden my knowledge and capabilities, and create a new horizon of opportunities for other women who seek to grow and develop—personally and professionally.
Working in this sector has confirmed my belief that there is no limit to what we can learn—and what we can achieve. And I intend to grasp as much as I can—knowledge, experience, wisdom….
Being part of this family of competent, bright, collaborative people inspires me every day and keeps me on this continuous, joyous journey of learning.
- Close
Accenture Neha Thumbnail
"Developing advanced technologies that are disrupting the industry."
Security Senior Principal, Digital Identity
+ Meet Neha
What Leading in The New Means to Me
The NEW is about embracing the latest technologies, innovative ways of working and novel approaches to problems.
I live the NEW everyday as I lead a team in developing advanced technologies that are disrupting the industry. Professionally, I’m seeing a renewed energy and level of excitement—internally and externally—for our work. It’s as if my team wants a new problem, just so they can solve it creatively! Personally, it’s allowed me to remain agile and flexible in NEW ways as well.
This is an exciting time. We’re bringing robotics and artificial intelligence into a holistic digital identity solution, which is making our clients sit up and notice. Our leadership has big visions for our future, and that stretches us to think beyond limits to truly change the industry.
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Accenture Rita Thumbnail
"NEW is working with passion, because without passion, innovation doesn’t exist."
Analyst, Digital Identity
+ Meet Rita
What Leading in The New Means to Me
The NEW is about change—evolution. It’s about not fearing what you don’t know. NEW forces you to be brave, face tough challenges and find solutions quickly. NEW is working with passion, because without passion, innovation doesn’t exist.
I’m passionate about biometry. I love reading research about biometrics—among other topics—and discovering paths to NEW solutions. When I read, create or analyze an encryption algorithm, it makes me as happy as when I’m eating Nutella!
I love finding answers through possibilities. I live in the NEW knowing that determination and willpower are the arms against adversity. In Latin, there’s a phrase: quisque faber suae fortunae—every man is the artisan of his own fortune. Words to live by.
- Close
Accenture Susanna Thumbnail
"Innovation to me is a lifestyle."
Associate Manager, Cyber Defense
+ Meet Susanna
What Leading in The New Means to Me
To me, the NEW means finding less obvious solutions and novel ways of working. The NEW is not merely about fixing what doesn’t work. It’s about exploring and questioning, and fearlessly entering the unknown.
Innovation to me is a lifestyle and, of course, a means to find solutions. The field of security is so leading-edge, so NEW, it gives me the opportunity to explore innovation every day.
Security requires discipline and a willingness to take risks. I am a certified rescue diver, so my training has taught me to be calm in a crisis and alert at all times. It requires never doubting your own intuition, and being open to new ideas.
- Close
Accenture Emelie Thumbnail
"There is no one path to success."
Consultant, Strategy & Risk
+ Meet Emelie
What Leading in The New Means to Me
Having started in Intellectual Property, the NEW to me means enabling businesses to remain vigilant by predicting what the next wave of hacking may involve.
It’s an exciting time to be working in the technology and security space. I find that the traditional career paths are dissipating as opportunities flourish in NEW areas. My career path is no exception.
I’m a passionate skier, so I equate taking different, sometimes unknown, trails to discovering NEW things. There is no one path to success. In fact, it is the unusual path, where you collect diverse experiences along the way, where you might find the most success.
- Close
Accenture Valerie Thumbnail
"Never lose sight of the human side of technology."
Senior Security Executive, Financial Services
+ Meet Valerie
What Leading in The New Means to Me
The NEW is about embracing change in a manner that enables the best that science and technology has to offer, including how to manage privacy, security and resilience risks, especially during times of crisis.
Professionally, the NEW is changing my work style and what I talk about with clients. But I also never lose sight of the human side of technology. Having an in-person chat can make a huge difference to really relate to and help people. Personally, I love that I can face-time with my kids while I travel, but like all parents, I am protective of how much time they spend on electronic devices and what they might be exposed to.
Leading in the NEW means thinking of all the people, processes and technologies that can come together to act as a force multiplier. It enables us to be the best individuals and teams we can be.
- Close
Accenture Ioana Thumbnail
"The NEW is all about speed and scale."
Managing Director, Infrastructure Security
+ Meet Ioana
What Leading in The New Means to Me
The NEW is about adaptability to change. Our biggest challenges—and greatest skills—involve helping our clients change for the better. And that may mean anything from securely moving to cloud to implementing automation in identity management to creating a payment app. Our job is to help our clients accomplish these things in a way that makes them engage and retain their target audience by simply being great.
It all comes down to value: If you can show a client how anything—especially a NEW thing—makes them look good, helps their company run better, saves costs or otherwise provides more value, they’ll want to take the plunge. And they’ll look to us to help them do it quickly and effectively.
The NEW is all about speed and scale. Bigger + faster = more people needed + different ideas needed. This opens up the field to everyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and contribute, regardless of gender. I think it’s primarily my unique perspective as a fixer that contributes to leading in the NEW. But being a woman likely drove me to being a fixer.
- Close
Accenture Anna Thumbnail
"Being disruptive in the NEW means not being a passenger."
Security Consulting Senior Manager
+ Meet Anna
What Leading in The New Means to Me
The NEW allows me to engage my professional aspirations without sacrificing time with my daughter.
I believe in doing—and leading—by example. That means not just sitting around talking about it. It means encouraging others to follow through with action. This is how we fortify customer relationships, maintain consistent communication and show we are enabling their businesses.
Being disruptive in the NEW means not being a passenger. Having a voice in the industry and providing perspectives that others may not have considered. We are here to serve our customers, and sometimes we need a little reminder.
We work in an essential and expanding industry—at the forefront of every discussion with every business. I love the ingenuity and creativity we bring.
- Close
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